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The Way to Produce Video Ringtones for Your iPhone

If you apply the exact same ringtone for many of your contacts, then you don't have any idea who's calling or texting until you see the screen in your cell 

phone. The iPhone allows one to assign music clocks for your contacts so that you may determine caller identities fast from your music that the gadget 

plays when getting calls. Computer video conversion programs allow you to make video clips you may assign to several contacts and create incoming calls 

and messages much more entertaining.


1. Navigate into the Xilisoft site and get the trial version of Xilisoft Video Converter (join in Resources). Conserve the Xilisoft Video Converter 

installation file to your PC.

2. Press "Windows-E" and then click "Downloads" from the File Explorer window. Double-click that the Xilisoft Video Converter installment file, follow 

the prompts to set up the app. When prompted restart the PC.

3. Launch Xilisoft Video Converter, click on the "Insert" button on the toolbar. Click on "Insert Records" on the drop-down menu, then navigate to the 

movie file in your hard drive that you need to use as a movie ringtone for your own iPhone. Highlight the movie file name, click "Open."

4. Click on the "Profile" button then choose "iPhone." Pick the "MPEG-4 (480x320)(*.MP4)" setting.

5. Click on the "Clip (scissors)" icon on the toolbar, pick a 30-second segment of this movie clip to use as a ringtone with all the navigation buttons at the 

clip window. Empower the "Output Segments as a Whole One" choice, click "Apply."

6. Click on the "Convert" button on the toolbar, choose a folder to save the new iPhone video ringtone document. Enter a descriptive title to the brand 

new video ringtone. Click on the "Convert" button to convert the chosen section of the first clip and store it as an MP4 file compatible with all the iPhone.


1. Open your internet browser, browse into the Aimersoft site (link in Resources). Download the trial edition of Aimersoft Video Converter and store it to 

your PC.

2. Open File Explorer ("Windows-E") click on "Downloads" then double the Aimersoft Video Converter installment file. Follow the prompts to set up 

Aimersoft Video Converter, then restart your PC when prompted.

3. Launch Aimersoft Video Converter on the pc. Click on the "Add Files" button, browse into the folder which includes a movie that you would like to 

convert to use as a iPhone video ringtone. Pick the file that you wish to convert and click on "Insert"

4. Click on the "Output Format" link, then pick "iPhone." Pick a folder in which to save the converted iPhone video document, enter a descriptive title and 

click the "Convert" button. Wait a couple of minutes for Aimersoft Video Converter to convert the first video into the MP4 format required for usage on 

the iPhone.

Miro Video Converter:

1. Navigate into the Miro Video Converter site (link in Resources). Download the most recent edition of Miro Video Converter and store it to your PC.

2. Press "Window-E," click on "Downloads" from the File Explorer navigation pane double click the Miro Video Converter installment document. Accept 

the license agreement, then follow the rest onscreen instructions to set up the conversion application. Restart your computer if prompted.

3. Launch Miro Video Converter in your PC. Use your mouse to drag the Miro Video Converter on both sides of your screen screen, then press 

"WindowsE" to start File Explorer.

4. Open the folder which includes the video that you would like to convert to use as a ringtone on your iPhone. Click on and hold the video file, drag it to 

the Miro Video Converter window.

5. Click on the "Apple" drop-down listing, then choose "iPhone," "iPhone 4" or "iPhone 5" depending on the version of iOS. Click on the "Convert to 

iPhone" button wait for a couple of minutes to your Miro Video Converter program to covert the movie and save it at the "Miro Video Converter" folder 

in the "Videos" library.


Before it is possible to use videos as ringtones on your own iPhone, you have to put in a third party program. Programs like Free Ringtone Maker My 

iTones and Videos Tone allow you to put videos as ringtones in your own iPhone. Select one of those programs in the iTunes App Store download it and 

install it in your iPhone.

Once you create video recorders using a few of the above mentioned PC programs, you can move them to a iPhone with iTunes. You can import videos 

from folders on your personal computer into iTunes with the "Add File to Library" option on the "Document" menu. Use the "Add File to Library" to bring 

one movie ringtone or the "Add Folder to Library" option to bring an whole folder containing video recorders that you need to assign to several contacts.

When syncing your iPhone using iTunes, make sure you allow the "Include Videos" choice on the Photos tab before clicking "Apply."

When you've got a jailbroken iPhone, you may download videos into the telephone and convert them to be used right as ringtones employing the Vuziq 

program. To put in Vuziq, start the Cydia App Store in your jailbroken telephone and search for "Vuziq." Once you locate Vuziq about the Cydia app shop, 

download it and install it in your iPhone.


Your iPhone includes a limited Quantity of storage. As a consequence, you should restrict the duration of your own video recorders to around 30 minutes 

to prevent using too much space in your storage.